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The gold you don't use is worth money!

At Alice we allow you to exchange your broken gold jewelry, or the gold jewelry that is permanently in a drawer or closet, with a new, shiny and up-to-date gold jewelry through the Trade-In operation, so what should be done?
Simply, you come to one of the chain stores with the old gold, we will weigh it, perform several value tests and give you the option to receive a store credit or cash!
The parameters we check in the store are:
1. The current gold rate on the stock exchange.
2. The weight of gold.
3. Carat type.
During these tests in the store, the sales representative can request the customer's approval to remove stones from the returned jewelry for the purpose of weighing net gold.
Have you already considered the gold and want to get a valuation? Contact us on the service page Or call us at the customer service hotline: 079-5575576.

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