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Not all of us know our ring size, therefore, we have prepared a size guide for you that will help you order the ring in the appropriate size:
Before we begin, it is important for us to note that the size of the rings varies from the right hand to the left hand and of course depends on the weather and the effort of the finger before the measurement, therefore it is recommended to perform the measurement after rest and in reasonable weather conditions.
Required accessories for testing:
1. Wire
       2. Ruler
3. Finger
If you already have a ring and you want to find out its size,
You can use the size finder app:
To download the app for Android, click here!
To download the app for iPhone, click here!
Ok, let's start:
With sewing thread, or any other thread, surround the desired finger on its thickest part.
With the help of a writing tool, mark the desired place on the thread that symbolizes the circumference of the finger.
Place the wire on a ruler, check the length of the wire to the marked area and compare according to the following table:

Measure according to finger circumference in mm

Measure by number
44 4
45 5
46 6
47 7
48 8
49 9
50 10
51 11
52 12
53 13
54 14
55 15
56 16
57 17
58 18
59 19
60 20
61 21
62 22
63 23
64 24
65 25
66 26
67 27
68 28
69 29
70 30
71 31

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