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Regulations of the PREMIUM customer club of Alice Jewelry Ltd

Welcome to the rules of the customer club  Alice | Jewelry and watches The best jewelry store in the south (hereinafter: "Alice Jewelry Ltd.")


  1. Any person may submit an application to join Alice's customer club (hereafter: "the club") by filling out a digital joining form (hereafter: "the form") and specifying fully and correctly all of his personal details as detailed in the form.
  2.  Acceptance to the club and continued membership in it is conditional on the complete and correct filling out of the form, free of charge and compliance with all the conditions of the regulations, and is subject to the sole discretion of Alice Jewelry Ltd. The company may change the price of membership fees from time to time and without prior notice.
  3. Every member of the club will be entitled to enjoy the benefits granted to the members of the club. The club is personal and non-transferable and subject to presentation of the club owner's ID.
  4. Membership in the club is valid from the date of joining and for one year. The right to exercise the benefits of the club is conditional on the type of benefit and the conditions of its exercise.
  5.  A club member will receive the following benefits:

   5.1 . Permanent accumulation of club points worth 1% of the value of the items bought in the store:

           The company may, at its discretion, issue products from accumulating points.

           If money is actually returned to a club member, the accumulated points will be offset.

           When receiving credit from the chain for a returned item, the points accumulated for the purchase will be deducted.

           Points cannot be redeemed when buying an item for which there is a discount greater than or equal to 20% of the original price 

   5.2.  Redeeming the points - point value for redemption = NIS 1

           Points can be redeemed starting with the next purchase. Points cannot be redeemed in the same transaction in which they were earned.           

           Redeeming the points is conditional on the existence of a minimum credit balance of 25 points.

           The points cannot be redeemed when buying an item for which there is a discount greater than or equal to 20% of the original price.

           During network promotions, it will not be possible to redeem points and/or birthday benefits and/or any other club benefits at the same time as the promotion.

           If a member uses more points than he has accumulated due to a computer malfunction or disruption, the network may demand from the customer a refund of NIS 1 per point in order to cover the deficit.

           The club reserves the right to offer unique and time-limited promotions for redeeming or accumulating points.


          Redeeming the points will be possible for only about one year (12 months) from the date of the last purchase, when each additional purchase at Alice jewelry will extend the end of the redemption period by another year. A member who does not make a purchase for a year from the date of the last purchase will have the balance of accumulated points deleted. The deletion will take place automatically and Alice is not obliged to notify the club member in advance

*Points can only be redeemed in chain stores (points cannot be redeemed on the website)

     5.3. Joining benefit Voucher for 5% discount As a one-time benefit to be redeemed on the next purchase: The voucher is valid starting from the month following the month of joining for 3 months

     5.4. It is not possible to redeem points on the same purchase in which this voucher is redeemed, as well as in some of the chain's promotions.

     5.5. Birthday benefit 5% Discount In the month of your birthday updated in the club.
Points cannot be redeemed in the same purchase in which this voucher is redeemed. This benefit cannot be used together with another promotion.

     5.6. It is not possible to redeem more than one benefit for the same item.

     5.7. Unique discounts on specific items and early updates regarding special sales days and the arrival of new collections. These benefits will be determined by Alice from time to time and at its sole discretion.

     5.8 .The chain does not undertake to give the same benefits / discounts to all club members.

  1. Membership in the club and the right to receive the benefits will come into effect only from the date of joining the club. No club member will be entitled to benefit from discounts regarding Alice products purchased before the date of joining the club.
  2.  The use of the card and the right to benefits are conditioned on the presentation of an ID card at the time of purchase by the cardholder. Each member will be responsible for keeping the card and/or benefit voucher, and no claim will be made against Alice regarding the non-receipt of any of the benefits provided to club members in the event of the loss of the card and/or benefit voucher and/or not presenting it for any other reason.
  3.  It is the member's responsibility to update the club regarding changes in his personal information in order to allow Alice to continue to update him about promotions and to grant him unique benefits. The club is not responsible for not receiving a benefit, notice or anything resulting from not updating the member's information on time or for any other reason.
  4. The membership fees will not be refunded in any case, including in the case where the membership has expired for any reason. Alice may update the membership fees from time to time, at its sole discretion, and without prior notice.
  5. In the event of cancellation of membership for any reason, the club member will be able to use the remaining points at his disposal up to six months from the date of cancellation of membership. After this date, the points will expire immediately
  6. Every person who submits an opt-in form to Alice hereby gives his consent to be included in the mailing list of Alice Jewelry Ltd. and to receive from Alice Jewelry and/or someone on its behalf information, updates and marketing material that will be sent to him from time to time by any means, including through his mobile phone and email address. This consent will remain in effect even after membership in the club expires for any reason. A person who does not wish to be included in the mailing list will notify the chain's management in writing at 58 Herzl St., Be'er Sheva.
  7. Alice Jewelry reserves the right to change the bylaws from time to time at its sole discretion and without prior notice, including changing and/or canceling the benefits. Any change in the bylaws will be binding on all members of the club, including members who joined before the bylaws were changed.
  8. The use of the masculine language is done for reasons of convenience only and refers to both sexes.
  9. Any member may call Alice's customer service at 079-5575576 to receive clarifications and any other information.

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